MONOLISA Earring Jackets - Jewelry Made in California

While working at a jewelry store as a teenager, I feel in love with earring jackets. I thought they were the coolest jewelry accessory. I loved the fact I could create lots of style possibilities based on my mood or outfit. An earring jacket set enables you to wear them with a personal pair of stud style earrings, resulting in lots of versatility. The earring jacket concept inspired me so much over the years, when I became a designer it felt natural adding them to the MONOLISA Jewelry Collection.

In this video, designer Lisa Ramos explains the details behind the earring jacket concept along with the styling benefits.

MONOLISA jewelry pieces are not mass produced or sold in retail stores. They can only be purchased on this MONOLISA Store Website or at a MONOLISA show. MONOLISA designs have been featured at the fine art juried shows.