Handbag Designer Lisa Ramos

The San Francisco Bay Area handmade handbag and jewelry company, MONOLISA started in a small home studio, nestled in Clayton, California. The founder, Lisa Ramos never imagined starting a business just a few years shy of turning fifty.  As a little girl, she always had an appreciation for beautiful women’s accessories and dreamed someday of designing her own collection. Lisa’s continued interest in accessories design shifted from thinking to creating in 2013. Her first goal, learn how to sew on an industrial machine and create stylish patterns with a touch of elegance. The self taught design to development skills took time and eventually came to life. Having an understanding of product production complexities, she steered away from the traditional path of sourcing factory production. Instead, Lisa took an interest in learning how to do and manage the production herself. 

After 20 years of working in the digital world, she decided to make a career change to focus full time on building a company. In 2017 Lisa’s collection, MONOLISA launched – meticulously handcrafted premium leather handbags, bag accessories, gemstone rings, lavish crystal earrings and necklaces. What makes the MONOLISA collection so unique?  Lisa continues to personally handcraft each piece from the collection. She manages all of the production to the sales process herself – designing each product pattern, sourcing all of the materials, hand making each piece to selling it online and at Bay Area events. Unlike a lot of artisans focusing on one medium, she follows her passion with two – leather and jewelry. Fascinated by the unlimited design possibilities she continues to build her skill set. Lisa never thought of herself as being a creative person. To Lisa’s surprise, creativity came much later in life and collaborated nicely with her independent work style. Today, her focus is designing beautifully handmade limited edition pieces that add a touch of elegance to any personal style. More About MONOLISA

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