Italian Leather Tote Bag - MONOLISA Bags Made in USA

I discovered several years ago that it can be a real challenge finding an ultra light-weight stylish bag for everyday. I was so tired of falling in love with beautiful leather bags online or in a store, only to discover their heaviness which would be a killer on my shoulders, hands, back and hips. I kept asking myself, “why are leather bags so heavy?” After years of research and experience I concluded, it comes down to the design and construction of the bag. The weight of the leather, the lining materials and hardware all play a key role in a handbags total weight. In 2013, I started exploring handbag patterns and the weight of materials used during the development process. My interest in product design to development eventually evolved into teaching myself how to sew on an industrial machine and construct bags. Fascinated by the design possibilities, I was immediately hooked. After 20 years of working in the digital world I made a career change to artisan. In 2017 my first collection, MONOLISA launched. Today, I focus on designing beautifully handmade limited edition light-weight tote and crossbody bags that add a touch of elegance to any personal style.

Light-Weight Brown Italian Leather Croc Tote Bag - Bags Made in USA
Ultra Light-Weight Italian Leather Tote Croc Bag – Made in USA

The video features handbag designer, Lisa Ramos showcasing the MONOLISA ultra light-weight Italian leather croc tote bag collection. The bags are designed with a single piece of leather, resulting in a seamless and sophisticated style. Each design is an extensive process of creating a custom handbag pattern, hand cutting the materials and meticulously sewing each piece to create a high quality piece you can wear for years to come. Each bag is handcrafted personally by me in Clayton, California.

MONOLISA light-weight bags are not mass produced or sold in retail stores. They can only be purchased on this MONOLISA Store Website or at a MONOLISA show. MONOLISA handbags have been featured at the San Francisco American Craft Show and other additional fine art juried shows.

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